Community Needs Grants





The Community Needs Grant provides project funding to Health and Human Service non-profit agencies in our community that are seeking to do one of the following:

  • Develop a NEW program to meet an emerging or new need in our community.  These funds will NOT be awarded to agencies seeking to simply sustain currently existing, functioning programs.  However, once the United Way has awarded funding for a new program, an agency can continue to seek funding for that new program up to three times but is not guaranteed.  The agency will be required to complete the grant process for each funding request.  It is our hope and expectation that the Community Needs Grant will be used as seed money for the program and will ultimately be self sustaining with alternative forms of support.
  • Expand an already existing program.  This is a onetime grant opportunity to help a program expand their already successful program.

A few things to remember:

  • The Community Needs Grant awards are typically under $3,000.  Even if your application meets all the criteria, the committee may not have the funding to grant all requests or to fully fund a new program.  However, there have been some exceptions to this when a very strong program has been presented.  If you are denied that does not mean the request was not worthwhile; we encourage you to apply or re-apply.
  • The committee is looking for programs that will have a strong impact on the people you serve and our community.  Whether for a new program or an expansion, we suggest that your request clearly and definitively explains how these funds will impact those being served through the program.
  • Please supply a detailed budget.  We must see a detailed breakdown of how the funds will be used.  The more budget detail the better.  If the committee has to guess on how you are going to spend the money, it will likely be denied funding. 
  • The committee is making a decision to fund your program based only on the information provided.  If the committee has to decide between two applications of equal community impact, the application that is the most detailed, informative and relevant will likely be awarded the funding.

Any 501(c)(3) agency serving Paducah-McCracken County residents can apply for a Community Needs Grant.  To be considered for funding the program must encompass one of our focus areas: Education, Income or Health.  Application deadlines are May 31, August 31, and November 30 and must be received, through our website, by 5pm.  We will make every effort to inform all applicants of decisions within two weeks of the deadline.

Click here to complete a Community Needs Grant for EDUCATION.

Click here to complete a Community Needs Grant for INCOME.

Click here to complete a Community Needs Grant for HEALTH.

If you have questions regarding the Community Needs Grant contact Betsy Burkeen at or 270-442-1691.


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